Continuing Disclosure Compliance

Post Issuance Bond Compliance Services

Community Investment Corporation offers services designed to help issuers, obligated parties and underwriters comply with continuing disclosure obligations related to SEC Rule 15c2-12. Services include:
  • Post-Issuance Disclosure Compliance Reviews
  • Compliance Program Development
  • Customized Compliance Schedules
  • Annual Compliance Outlook
  • Prepare customized templates to satisfy specific obligations (i.e. certificates and non material event notices)
  • Retain hard copies of all documents (bond requirement)
  • 3rd party reporting (i.e. Rebate Analyst and Insurance Reviews)
  • Annual School Facility Visits
  • Borrower / Trustee Liaison
  • Email reminders prior to MSRB due dates
  • Receive and upload continuing disclosure obligations to MSRB/EMMA

Other Related Services

Community Investment Corporation offers value-added services with a focus on helping our clients succeed.   We go out of our way to learn and understand our clients’ businesses so that we can better serve their needs. Additional services offered include, but are not limited to:
  • Charter School Short Term Loan Access

Please visit: Community Investment Corportation – Charter Schools section for more information.